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Tiki Surf Shop in Braunton, North Devon is one of Europe’s largest and oldest surf shops, delivering customers with an extensive range of surf products ever since 1963. Tiki Surf Shop is a specialist surf shop, and every member of staff has expert knowledge on the sport and industry, making them exceptionally prepared to provide each and every customer with an entirely personal and helpful service. Their service includes everything from a comprehensive array of high-performance wetsuits, to a surfboard test centre that allows you to make sure you find the most suitable surfboard for you. At Tiki Surf Shop, customers know that they are receiving an industry-leading surf shop experience.

Tiki Surf Shop is located on Caen Street in Braunton, North Devon. North Devon is a location in the UK renowned for its stunning beaches and incredible surf. Braunton itself is a location at the centre of North Devon’s trendy surfing spots, and it is within a close distance of Croyde’s famous beaches and bay, as well as Saunton Sands. Keen surfers visiting Tiki Surf Shop in Braunton will be especially pleased to know that Croyde Bay can be reached quickly and easily from the shop, at just a short 13-minute drive. The bay boasts some of the UK’s best surfing, as well as several surf and music festivals.

Expert Advice

Run by surfers

Wide Range

Surfboards, wetsuits & accessories


Independent local business

The history of the Tiki Surf Shop began in 1963 when they first began using their surfing expertise to make surfboards and sell them. The shop has a long history of knowledge about surfboards, allowing them to handpick the world’s very best boards to stock in their shop today! For almost 50 years, Tiki Surf has been at the forefront of the British surfing industry, supplying surfers of all abilities with the equipment and expertise they need to go far in the sport.

From surfing equipment to lifestyle apparel

Tiki Surf Shop stock all of the equipment, apparel, boards, footwear and more that are necessary for the sport and lifestyle of surfing. You can also expect to find many of the world’s leading brands in-store too. Their range of surfboards and shapers include offerings from Tiki surfboards, Torq surfboards, Vampirate, McCoy, Wilde, LSD surfboards, Chilli surfboards, Emery surfboards and more. Their range of boards vary to suit a range of abilities, and they also offer shortboards, longboards and fun boards. Customers can also expect wetsuits from leading brands such as Ripcurl, O’Neill and Patagonia. Even non-surfers will enjoy the surf lifestyle fashion brands stocked in-store, with the latest collections from Billabong, Animal, Roxy, Quicksilver and more.

Holiday-makers and locals alike have thoroughly enjoyed the service offered by Tiki Surf Shop over the decades, upholding its reputation as a leading name in the surfing industry.

Whether you are a tourist looking to immerse yourself in North Devon’s famous surfing culture, or a serious surfer looking for the latest equipment, accessories and boards, Tiki Surf Shop in Braunton offers an extensive range of surfing wares.

Address: Velator Industrial Estate, Braunton EX33 2DX

Phone: 01271 812442

Web: https://www.tikisurf.co.uk/