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Croyde’s narrow lanes and picturesque village centre, and nearby Braunton, hold a surprisingly diverse range of well-stocked surf shops.

As this beautiful part of North Devon is a magnet for surfers and bodyboarders of all abilities and ages – from across the UK and beyond – having good access to a range of boards, wetsuits and accessories is vital.

Let’s be honest though. Croyde’s surf shops are not just for surfers!

Most stock a range of other great gear and unique gift options, regular holidaymakers and locals often browse their shelves and rails too. Surf brand clothing is popular for leisurewear and ‘street cred’. Also, if you’re going to even paddle along this superb coast, then having rash vests and other surf clothing can make it all the more enjoyable!

The trick is to be ‘all things to all people’ without missing out on what Croyde’s substantial surfing community look for. They need to offer new boards and wetsuits, but also the other tackle and things like quality board wax, that advanced surfers seek out.

Also, surf shops in the Croyde Area need to be priced right and offer a level of customer information and support that makes shopping there a positive experience.

Which of the surf shops local to Croyde has the stock, choice and customer service you need?

Tiki Surf Shop

Tiki Surf Shop is in Braunton and it’s one of the oldest retailers of wetsuits and boards in this area.

As the name implies, it was originally focused on being an outlet for surfboards made by Tiki, which started production in the 1960s and has grown to be one of the biggest surfboard makers in Europe.

However, the Tiki Surf Shop now stocks a large selection of other well-known surfing brands.

Expect to see a hardcore selection of surf and body boards, as well as top-name wetsuits and a diverse range of surfing hardware. The more ‘designer label’ surf fashion brands are also fully represented – for clothing and sunglasses.

Hunter Surf Shop

This is another outlet situated in Braunton, and this one prides itself on offering items for “surf, beach and an active lifestyle”.

The shop fronts a range of other business activities, including board, wetsuit and kayak hire, surfing and coasteering lessons and corporate team building and accommodation!

The shop’s stock is equally diverse, colourful and cross-genre. The staff here are keen surfers and can guide you through the wealth of options.

Surfed Out

Surfed Out is central in the village of Braunton, making it easy to find from throughout the area, with parking nearby from anyone on their way to the campgrounds or Ruda Bay around Croyde.

This is more of a specialist operation, focusing largely on stocking and supplying the best surf equipment and accessories. They offer secondhand as well as new longboards and shortboards, to help customers match their budget to the right one for them.

Though of course non-surfers are welcome, and the shop staff are seasoned surfers with a passion to share their local knowledge and product insights.

The Board Barn

Another slick and well-stocked place to pick up surf gear and apparel, the Board Barn also caters to skateboarding and spearfishing enthusiasts. Snorkelling, paddle boarding and kayaking equipment is also on display.

The team prides itself on helping customers find the right branded surfboard and wetsuit for their needs, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced surfer. They too offer secondhand items to help manage budgets. This Croyde surf shop is in the Braunton shopping centre.

Croyde Surf Shop

Possibly the most iconic of all surf shops around Croyde, this used to be called the Little Pink Shop, but it grew up and it recently rebranded itself as the Croyde Surf Shop. However, it’s still pink!

Not massive in terms of space, it is substantial in its ability to provide wet suits. The shop is an official dealer for top-quality C-Skins Wetsuits, but offers a great secondhand service and fits for adults of all sizes and children. This quirky surf retailer in Croyde also offers a hire service.

Ralph’s Surf Shop

This place to buy surf equipment and clothing in Croyde is also handily situated near the beach.

It’s also another retail outlet that’s small in size but big on passion for its niche! As well as offering a good selection of body and surfboards and wetsuits for sale, Ralph’s offers hire options too.

Ralph’s is a true one of a kind, beach community sort of shop.

Recommended Croyde surf shop

Which shop in and around Croyde is best for surfing purchases?

That has to be Surfed Out of Braunton. This Croyde surf shop has the balance just right; lots of knowledge and great choices for equipment, and also a good range of associated clothing and accessories. Some of the others have an overwhelming array or slot into niche provision.

A visit to Surfed Out means you’ll find everything you need – well-curated and explained – making it a ‘one stop shop’ for your surfing needs!