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Croyde Bay weather forecast including waves, wind and surf


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Croyde Surf Forecast & Report

If you’re looking for the current and forecasted surf conditions for Croyde Bay then you’re in the right place. have teamed up with to provide you with swell, wind and pressure conditions and forecasts for Croyde Bay. These charts can be used as an alternative to, or in combination with Magicseaweed Croyde.

You can zoom in or change any of the interactive surf report maps on this page.

The best surf conditions occur when there is a strong swell combined with offshore winds. (Ideally in combination with weak windsea and secondary swells.)


Swell 1 is the main swell, swell 2 and 3 are secondary swells (the swell classification 1, 2, 3 depends on their respective heights). you can change the swell view below by clicking “Waves” then selecting “Swell”, “Swell 2”, “Swell 3”. You can also select “Wind Waves”. This view shows wind-generated waves. these are surface waves that are created by the wind interacting with the surface of the water. These waves are localised and follow the wind direction. When the wind stops blowing the wind waves are known as swell.


Ideal surf conditions occur with a gentle offshore breeze < 10mph. An offshore wind (blows from the land out to sea) is ideal for surfing. The offshore wind causes the waves to "stand up" and break more slowly and cleanly. The offshore wind helps form a good wave shape too. Conversely an onshore wind (blowing from the sea towards the land) is the worst wind for surfing. It often results in blown out surfing conditions.