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Camping in Croyde Bay is very popular, there are 14 camp site locations all within a mile of Croyde beach. In this guide you can view each of the campsites, prices, facilities, reviews conveniently and choose which site suits your needs.

At the southerly end of Croyde Bay you’ll find Walking on Waves family surf camp, Croyde Bay Holiday Village and Bay View Farm. These campsites are a short walk to Croyde village. In most cases you would access the beach down steps. 

In the village of Croyde there is The Orchard, and Croyde Bay Campsite. Very convenient for the pubs, restaurants and other amenities in Croyde itself. A level walk of around 1 mile to the beach though. 

Centrally located is Surfers Paradise. This is is a great campsite with the perfect location. Very near to the beach, with Croyde village accessible down a lovely walking path. 

At the northerly end of Croyde beach you’ll find some more camp sites close to the beach. Ocean Pitch and Ruda. 

Further away to the north are Cherry Tree Farm Campsite and Croyde Camping. All of the central and northerly campsites have level access to the beach.

Camping has long been a popular way to holiday, not only because of how exhilarating it can be to immerse yourself in nature, but because of how affordable it is too. It can be incredibly satisfying to wake up amongst nature each morning, and the great adventures posed by the outdoors are exciting for everyone, from children to the elderly. Camping isn’t getting any less popular either, these days more and more people are taking an interest in camping, whether it be adventure camping or glamping. Croyde Bay in Devon offers an incredibly peaceful, relaxing and fun camping location for all ages – and why not take advantage of the area’s renowned surf too?!

Benefits of Croyde Bay camping

Whether you are young or old, camping offers a plethora of benefits for your mind and body. People have been camping throughout recent history as a way to get back to nature, and today people love to take some time out of their busy technology-driven lives and unplug. So, what are the other benefits offered by camping?

Time to get some fresh air

In our everyday working lives, we may not realise how little fresh air we are actually breathing in. Whether spending your days inside your home, in the workplace or walking through a polluted city, you might enjoy the benefits of breathing in fresh air every morning and night while camping.

Family or friend bonding time

Camping is an incredibly popular choice for a family holiday, and this comes as no surprise due to the amount of bonding that takes place on a typical camping trip. When camping, everyone has to pitch in and work together to build the camp and keep it up and running. It is also a great trip to take with friends, spending some time to get to know each other a little better.

Re-set your body clock

Our typical everyday lives rely on alarm clocks to wake us up and often going to sleep at absurd times. When you’re camping, nature is your alarm clock! There is nothing more delightful than waking up to birds chirping and the sun rising, and you may even find that you feel less groggy in the mornings!

Get experimental with food

When you are preparing your own food outdoors, the easiest solutions for cooking on a campfire can be tinned goods. However, there is no need to restrict yourself to anything that comes in a tin – get creative and plan an inventive menu of campfire classics.

Connect with nature

Camping amongst nature means that you will likely see all sorts of wildlife that you don’t usually see at home. When there’s no TV to watch, you’d be surprised how interesting it can be to just relax and watch the goings-on in nature.

Reduce stress

Holidays can often be more stressful than they are relaxing, but this couldn’t be further than the truth when it comes to camping. Less worrying about hotel bookings and no intense daily scheduling, just relaxation and local outdoor activities.

Learn some new skills

There are so many new skills you can develop while camping, from teaching younger ones how to pitch up a tent, to taking advantage of the local activities. These are all skills that anyone of any age will no doubt value for life.

Why camp in Croyde?

Croyde is an incredibly unique area in Devon, offering a wide range of benefits to those of all ages and interests. Most notably, Croyde is the surfing capital of North Devon, delivering spectacular seascapes for beach enthusiasts, and thrilling waves for those who want to dive in and get involved. Croyde is a family-friendly location, making it an ideal choice for a family camping holiday.

Surfer’s Paradise

Croyde is renowned amongst surfers, not only in the UK but all over the world. Croyde boasts an excellent surf that is enjoyed by pros, but is also a great place to take your first lesson. There is a wide range of surf schools and board hire places throughout Croyde, so it will be very easy to try the surf for yourself during your trip. Croyde also hosts an annual water sports weekend every summer, which can be an exceptionally fun time to visit.

Picturesque Village

The village of Croyde is a quiet and charming place to visit, with much of its original scenery remaining unspoiled. The village boasts a real old-world feel which makes it a really unique place for travellers to explore. The village also has plenty of places to eat, offering delicious food that will no doubt tempt you away from a campfire meal once or twice during your stay!

Family-friendly seafront

The seafront at Croyde Bay is a fantastic destination for families to enjoy together. The seafront is packed with lovely restaurants and cafes, while the beach is monitored by lifeguards and offers plenty of safe areas for children to paddle or explore rock pools. You could also venture slightly further for a day trip to Saunton Sands or Woolacombe Sands.

Campsites in the Croyde Bay area

Ruda Holiday Park

This family-friendly holiday park is situated right by Croyde Bay’s wondrous surfing beaches, boasting a stunning sea view. This site offers a wide range of camping options, from the more traditional pitches to luxury safari-style tents.

Freshwell Camping

Another campsite that boasts a coastal view, this site is located at Baggy Point and is a short two-minute walk from Croyde Beach. The location couldn’t be more ideal, and this site offers a choice between camping and glamping options.

Ocean Pitch Campsite

Ocean Pitch is a family-friendly campsite in a location that overlooks Croyde Bay. Here you can camp, glamp and bring your caravans or motorhomes. This site also offers easy access to the South West Coastal Path, a great activity for all the family to enjoy.

Cherry Tree Farm Campsite

Cherry Tree is situated in a central location within a 10-minute walk of Croyde village and Croyde Bay, offering family-friendly camping and caravanning. This spot is ideal if you want to take part in the region’s famous watersports as well as have easy access to the village.

Croyde Bay Campsite

This family-friendly campsite is popular amongst keen campers and tourers. The site is located just a short walk from the beach as well as Croyde village, meaning you are always close to activities and amenities.

Croyde Bay camping is sure to be a fun and fulfilling time that families, couples and friends can all enjoy, the perfect place to make memories that will last a lifetime.